Hopelessness vs. Helpfulness

Dream Circle: Hopelessness vs. Helpfulness

Transcript Highlights:

  • Turn Hopelessness into Your Contribution
  • All Making of Judgement clouds our Creation Power
  • Money as Self Care
  • The old Institutions and Economies cannot help healers because they come from the 3D vibration. Healers represent the 5D+ vibration.
  • Healers need to lean on their Creativity and Divine Connection to create the New.
  • The Healers Wound of Betrayal and Distrust needs to be Healed, otherwise we carry the vibration of betrayal in our relationship with Money
  • "Money is the root of all evil" is a limiting belief program that stems from the wound of betrayal.
  • Why Forgiveness is Vital for healers to receive more
  • Being in the Pleasure of the Now is our Responsibility
  • Manifestation is: Passionately Creating in the Now
  • Your New Boss is Creator